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Clinical information and data management system empowers any laboratory to do their best. By the use of standard workflow, optimized processes, impactful performance the patient care is improved. This lab automation application manages staff, reports, inventory and high value work.

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Salient LIMS Software Features

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Easy Patient Registration & Booking

Fast & easy way of patients registration & booking in a minute. Customized for specific disease type.

Laboratory web application

Trouble Free & Bulk Report Creation

Few clicks can create hundreds of reports in a second. Bulk reports can be generated by uploading excel.

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Paramount Process of Mailing Report

Enables fast & quick method to send reports by Email. Multiple reports at a time can be sent by uploading excel or selection.

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Online Test Booking & Pay System

Facilitation of tests booking online via website. Patients can book test & pay fees using different payment gateways.

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Exporting Patients in CSV & PDF

Daily reports of patients can be exported easily in Excel or PDF format. Controlled Patient information can be exported.

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Inventory Management & Control System

Within Lab environment the medical equipment purchase, consumption and wastage are well managed.

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Business Overview Reports

Unbinding from manual work by generating Business summaries and reports with different filters.

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QR Code & Barcode

Enables unlimited barcodes generation for sampling. Auto QR options to view report by scanning.

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Manual Guide

Visual & textual documentation of full application. Step by Step guide for all features.

Instant Report Generation & Email

Work Faster With
Automated Tools

  • Default Results Templates
  • Quick Test Selection & Rates Controlling
  • Interactive & Impacting Dashboard
  • Video Tutorials Guide & Help Section
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A Clinical Suite for your Laboratory Information Management System

How much time do you lose trying to collect all the data you need to create reports? How much money are you losing because of all this downtime?

Many labs produce large amounts of data. However, managing laboratory information can be challenging, which can cause significant downtime, mistakes, and even losses due to instrumentation breakdowns.

However, a software solution for managing laboratory information is available. It has many features for improving workflows and lab functions.

A technology leader in the life science market, Medical Laboratory Software (SumLims) is well-equipped to help you manage your lab’s data in a way that saves time and boosts efficiency. With categories that include sample tracking and management, instrument handling, error reports, and multiple experiment types, Medical Laboratory Software (SumLims) has the templates you need to make your lab run better day by day.

MEDICAL LABORATORY SOFTWARE (SUMLIMS) also has an easy-to-use reporting tool with fine-grained settings so you can receive all the essential data you need in one place while still maintaining control over where certain information gets displayed.

MEDICAL LABORATORY SOFTWARE (SUMLIMS) was created to solve these problems, providing consistent, manual-free workflows throughout the entire system!

Keeping track of your lab tests and results is a nightmare. Invoices and test reports are mismanaged, you can’t find the files needed to do follow-ups, and information about experiments and samples is scattered across numerous computers and USB sticks.

Turn your lab into a paperless one with MEDICAL LABORATORY SOFTWARE (SUMLIMS). Our medical laboratory application creates a secure, centralized location to store information about different test samples, instruments, projects, and test results.


1. It improves the efficiency of the lab

2. It ensures that every step in the process is properly recorded

3. It enhances the security of data and information

4. It is a cost-effective solution for small labs

5. It helps to avoid rework and its associated costs

MEDICAL LABORATORY SOFTWARE (SUMLIMS) is a powerful solution to manage the data flow of your laboratory. It makes it easier for users to analyze, communicate and share lab results. It provides a variety of reporting and automation functionalities, enabling faster decision-making.

With MEDICAL LABORATORY SOFTWARE (SUMLIMS), you get a complete system that works out-of-the-box right away!

The way lab processes are handled today is inefficient and error-prone. Today’s labs must handle huge amounts of data and track the results of numerous experiments. Using the latest technologies and advanced programming skills, we designed a laboratory software that simplifies lab processes and saves time & money.

MEDICAL LABORATORY SOFTWARE (SUMLIMS) brings data together in a single database for scalable metrics that make it easier to track the success of experiments and instrument performance.

This medical laboratory application streamlines processes and makes workflow clear with a single system that integrates the various resources needed to reach optimization. With improved efficiency and maximized quality, it allows team members to concentrate on achieving their objectives for greater lab productivity and efficiency.

What Is Laboratory Information Management Software or Systems (LIMS)? Key Benefits of Using LIMS

Laboratory information management systems (LIMS) are laboratory software packages that store data and usually perform some analysis. They are used by a wide range of industries and institutions, including universities and research facilities.

Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is nothing but a software application designed to introduce automation to the lab processes involved in managing samples and associated data. LIMS have been around for many years now; however, the real interest has picked up over the last decade, with an increase in the requirement from various domains like Pharmaceuticals, Biotech, Materials Science, Chemical Industry, and Food Processing. Some of the primary reasons for this growth could be attributed to the increasing global pressures such as cost containment, quality improvement, and regulatory compliance.

With the advent of advanced technology, LIMS are not just limited to providing support for laboratory operations like sample logistics and test reporting. They can now efficiently manage advanced workflows involving data integration and business intelligence. It was first designed for labs in united kingdom but later it made its way to the rest of the globe.

Benefits of using laboratory information management software:


Automating laborious, repetitive tasks means that more tests can be performed in less time with greater efficiency and accuracy. Automated data capture means that fewer errors are made, and there is less chance of data being lost from misfiling.

It also reduces the amount of time needed by scientists to enter manual data into the system because all data is recorded automatically into the LIMS as it is generated by instruments. Scientists can use their time more effectively to focus on performing the tests rather than rekeying test results manually.


A LIMS integrates seamlessly with other systems in your business, such as document management systems (DMS), enterprise resource planning systems (ERP), or customer relationship management (CRM) systems, for an easy flow of information between different parts of your business.

Accurate and timely reporting

The LIMS software offers instant access to all data, thus making it easy for analysts to retrieve the required information without delay. This helps in making accurate reports and avoids unnecessary delays, which are common when manually searching for information.

Enhancing efficiency

Laboratory information management systems can be configured to match different lab needs, thus enabling lab managers to streamline their workflow and improve efficiency. The software also ensures the consistent quality of every result by recognizing errors, flagging them, and correcting them immediately. This helps in reducing the chances of errors being passed on to the next step or stage of analysis.

Minimizes errors and misidentification of samples

The use of barcoding capabilities and scanning systems eliminates the chances of wrong samples being mixed up or mishandled due to human error during the testing process. This leads to accurate results that are consistent with what was collected from the field and also reduces chances of contamination as well as loss of samples due to human error.

MEDICAL LABORATORY SOFTWARE (SUMLIMS) software is an Efficient Solution For Managing Laboratory Information and Workflow —Contact Us Today!

The software records data about samples, experiments, and instruments and simplifies methods management, increasing lab productivity and efficiency.

The user-friendly graphical interface allows non-IT users to quickly enter sample data into a form after running each sample. It allows users to create full custom forms for process control.

  • A user friendly interface which can rapid lab work in efficient manner.
  • Easy management of patients, reporting & email.
  • Increased sampling & reporting confidence.
  • Staff Management with Flexible & restricted user access
  • Online reporting & different reports formats.

This software solution was developed by a world-class team of experts for global lab environment and specifically for UK labs in laboratory information management systems. It manages data about samples, laboratory workflows, experiments, and instruments. It also increases patient safety, helps laboratories comply with regulations and mandates, and improves productivity.

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Unlimited Patients & Tests Registration

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Unlimited QR's & Barcodes

Multiple Roles Base Access

Executive Summaries & Business reporting

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SumLims found excellent as a non-IT person can easily work on it. Being business administrator I can see that what is the progress of my business by generating different reports.

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Excellent experience with this application. It is an integrated lab software. Every time I use it I get amazed with perfect control over system. The reporting and emailing of patients report is also more thatn perfect. Strongly recommended.

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